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Foam Dressing
Foam Dressing

Foam Dressing

Product is a disposable sterile products, quality of a material soft, With high liquid uptake characteristics. The main function of components in polyurethane foam productscan, can absorb a lot of wound infiltration of liquid, maintain the wound wet healing environment, promote wound healing, reduce secondary damage when switching.

Detailed Information

Product specifiction


The structure performance

1) The composition and structure of the product

Products are mainly composed of polyurethane foam and polyurethane film;

Ordinary foam consists of fixed specifications of polyurethane foam and polyurethane film; Island bubble is mainly composed of three layers structure, basement membrane for PU adhesive tape, in the core of dressing is polyurethane foam and polyurethane film, Mask for PET from type membrane:

2Product performance description

High liquid uptake

Promote wound healing

No scab healing and reduce scar

Don't cut adhesion

Use convenient, comfortable

The basic principle

Products can form and maintain a moist wound healing environment, wh en the wound has large seepage drainage, the product can absorb the drainage; Under the environment of wet the wound, a variety of growth factors released in favour of promoting wound healing, stimulate cell proliferation, helps maintain cell vitality, The wound exudates fiber cell growth factor, epidermal growth factor and platelet -derived growth factor content is higher than the wet environment, and these exudate itself also can promote the in vitro culture of fiber cells, cutin cell and endothelial cell growth; At the same time, the moist environment may speed up the skin cell migration, due to the wet environment to scab heal the wound healing process, is benefic to skin cell migration, promote the healing of the wound;

Method of use

1) Disinfect the wound

2) After waiting for the dry skin around the wound, select appropriate specifications of the products (when necessary to cut the shape of the product), the product should be able to completely cover the wound.

3) Tear the mask, the product applied to the wound.

4) Using secondary dressings for fixed (island)

The applicable scope

Applicable to the shallow antrum and the inactivation of deep wounds, such as lower limb venous ulcer, Ⅱ Ⅳ period for pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, skin area cuts, bruises, incision, etc.) or granulation tissue type hollow wound and radiation injury.


1) This product is not suitable for a small amount of drainage or dry the wound.

2) Wound infection after control must be careful

Matters needing attention

1) This product is the disposable use asepsis, it is forbidden to reuse packing damage is disabled.

2) Please use within valid, read the instructions carefully before use.

Storage conditions

No corrosive gas, a cool, well ventilated, clean room and room temperature preservation.

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