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Medical device industry development trend

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Medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, capital-intensive high-tech industries, high barriers to entry. Integrated all kinds of high-tech medical equipment development outcomes, but also reflects the comprehensive national industry level. China's medical equipment industry started late, but with the economic development and improve people's health awareness, will bring a broad development prospects of the domestic medical equipment industry.

According to the Investment Adviser in "2016--2020 China's medical device industry investment analysis and forecast report" said that at present China's medical device market size is over one hundred billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about 23%. In total foreign medical equipment pharmaceutical market share to 42% of the comparison, the domestic medical equipment share of total pharmaceutical market size of only around 14%, although the domestic medical equipment industry compared with foreign counterparts, there is a gap, but it also highlights the domestic industry is still huge room for development.


 The Picture from China Industrial Information Network

According to statistics, 2004--2014 China's medical device market size has grown, and year by year, showing a positive effect.


2016 market size forecast


The Picture from China Industrial Information Network

According to healthcare market research firm Kalorama (Kalorama Information) Analysis research firm, in 2011 the total sales of the global medical device market was 3,220 billion US dollars, is expected to total global sales of medical equipment in 2016, or will reach 4,150 billion US dollars, medical device industry good momentum of development.


Favorable factors affecting the development of the industry  

The market demand continues to increase  With the growing age of the population, population aging process has accelerated noticeably, the higher the demand for health financing, medical equipment demand will increase significantly. The large population and population aging trend of China's market demand for such medical supplies with the Japanese surge.  

Support for national policies to support the medical device industry  Medical device industry related to the health and safety of citizens, was assigned to the area of national long-term focus on the development. State support for the medical device industry, improve the comprehensive capacity of China's medical device industry.    

Increase revenue, strengthen health awareness  National consumption level will affect the overall level of income the medical device industry. With the people's consumption level increased significantly, health awareness, medical device product features, security requirements continue to increase, and the advent of the use of functional dressing, is the inevitable choice of the majority of doctors and patients.

4  Changes in consumer attitudes  With the changes in people's consumption concept, the traditional gauze dressings can not meet the psychological demands of consumers, functional dressing dressing relieve pressure, accelerate wound healing properties, more and more loved by the majority of doctors and patients.