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Silicone gel dressing
Silicone gel dressing

Silicone gel dressing

It’s a disposable sterile product,it consists of silicone gel and polyurethane foam ,it has high liquid absorptive volume, isolates the wound penetrent liquid from the wound effectively,and reduce the possibility that the wound is infected.The product can form and keep a moist environment,promote wound healing ,and reduce the second damage when changing the dressing.

Detailed Information

Product specifictio


Structure and property

product composition and structure

mainly made up of the polyurethane foam, a polyurethane film and a silicone film general foam is mainly made up of the polyurethane foam, a polyurethane film and a silicone film. Island foam is mainly made up of four-layer structure,bottom film is PU tape, the dressing core is polyurethane foam and silicone film,the face mask is PET film

property discription

a. high absorptive volume of liquid b. promote wound healing

c. heal without scab,reduce the scar

d. isolate the wound penetrent liquid from wound, reduce the infection

Basic action principle

The product can form and keep a moist wound heling environment, when the wound has a lot of exudation liquid, the product canabsorb these exudation liquid, the exudation is absorbed in the foam thenspread out,not absorbed in the wound, the silicone film is in touch with wound, it prevents the exudation liquid from the wound, in a mois environment, promote the woung healing, stimulate cell proliferation, maintain cell viability, wound exudate fibroblast growth factor, epidermal growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor content is higher than the non-wetting environment; and these exudate itself can promote in vitro culture of fibroblasts, keratinocytes, and endothelial cell growth, at the same time, Moist environment accelerates the rate of migration of epidermal cells, as moist environment of the wound healing process is no scab healing, help the migration of epidermal cells and promote wound healing;

Information for Use

1clean the wound with saline.

2dry skin around the wound, select the appropriate specification ( crop the product if necessary ). Cover the wound completely.

3tear the face mask, Stick to the wound. 4use the second dressing to fix (island).


The product is used for acute or chronic wounds and a variety of shades of wound Pressure ulcer

Venous leg ulcers Diabetic foot ulcers Burns 1st and 2nd degree

Skin graft donor site wound

Contraindications/safety information:

1) The product is not suitable for dry wound

2) Infected wound must be used under control


1) The product is disposable sterile products, non-reusable,do not use if packaging is damaged

2) Please use within the validity period, read the instructions carefully before using it


Store dressings away from direct sunlight at ambient temperature and humidity.

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